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Public attitudes to lockdown – and what do we want to do now?

Three quarters of Britons (72%) say they are likely to visit an elderly friend or relative once lockdown is relaxed and it becomes possible to do so – new poll from research agency Blue Marble. Three in five (60%) say that they are likely to go to a pub, restaurant or bar once it becomes

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Through the keyhole: how households are interpreting the politics of the outbreak

“The Government is keeping people updated every day. They are extending lockdown, for the better.” “[The] Government knew from an emergency drill that there was a lack of PPE four years ago, but did nothing.” We’re now in the fifth week of our coronavirus lockdown research. We’ve seen the unequal impact of the crisis, the

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Through the keyhole: supermarket sweat

“I dread going.” In a lockdown, shopping is a rare chance to leave the home. For some of us, it also feels like the most dangerous day of the week. For the last four weeks, we’ve been running a small qualitative study to explore the impact of lockdown on everyday lives. We’ve heard about its effect

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Exploring life under lockdown in Britain’s households: ‘how was your weekend’

We’re a fortnight in to our ‘Through The Keyhole’ research – an in-depth qualitative study of 15 UK households. We are focussing on the societal impact of the nationwide lockdown – exploring the British public’s lived experiences of these unprecedented events. We’ve checked in with our households who are scattered throughout the UK and reflect

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