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Navigating the food chain

Increased confidence in supermarkets could present opportunities to positively influence consumer behaviour, writes Laura Weston (in the Market Research Society’s Research Live). It already feels like a long time since the scorching summer of 2019. Theresa May had just resigned; the Amazon was burning, and England had won their first Cricket World Cup. Extinction Rebellion

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The value of an “unsexy” methodology

The BBC recently marked twenty-four years since Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit popularised the term “sexy football”. During a live broadcast (recently re-aired on iPlayer), Gullit shocked his fellow pundits with his description of an innovative Portugal team who were thrilling viewers of Euro 96. As far as I’m aware, Gullit isn’t a member of the

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Are we seeing the weak signals of an alternative future?

As C.S.Lewis observed: ‘Day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.’ This is true for most people most of the time, because life is experienced in a context of normality. But after the last few extraordinary months that have plunged all of us into a new context, what will we see when

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CCW’s latest report, authored by Blue Marble

This has been a fascinating project for any research agency to conduct: having the opportunity to ask a large sample of people what they find meaningful in the research context. We’ve applied this to the water sector which  as an industry continually evolves and innovates in the way it engages consumers. But it also covers the core principles

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