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Revolt Sexual Assault – a nationwide consultation

Blue Marble has been commissioned to analyse Revolt Sexual Assault’s survey data from its recent nationwide consultation. The survey measures reported incidence of sexual assault and harassment and has been distributed via the online forum The Student Room, and via universities. With such a large response, and with much interest from the media, our role

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Still thinking about the quality of the conversation…

Here at Blue Marble, we’ve been troubled by the emphasis on incentives to get bums on seats. Research respondents are fundamental to what we do. That’s why we don’t want just bums, we want engaged people ready to share their opinions. But it can feel like the relationship between respondent and researcher is less about

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Angry Birds

Life at Manor Courtyard is usually calm and uneventful. It is a beautiful place. And good, we feel, for unraveling data, reflecting on discussion groups and putting our minds to thoughtful analysis. We notice the seasons acutely – it being a working farm. And of course, we enjoy visits from Lottie the working farm dog

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Consumer Council for Water (CCW)

A new dawn for water?

Our latest report for CCWater has just been published. It has been a great project, spending time in Scotland finding out how the ‘open water’ retail market has worked over the last 8 years. Come April 2017, businesses in England will also be able to choose their water provider for the retail bit – billing

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