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Customer Behaviour & Water Use

Changing public attitudes and behaviours affect water consumption and in turn this affects demand in the future. Drawing on our broader behaviour change experience, we are informing the industry's wider work on increasing the reliability of demand forecasts.

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We are a team of senior market researchers and business analysts delivering projects that bring clarity, new
perspectives and real strategic direction.

We conduct research across all sectors, but bring specific expertise to projects with an environmental, sustainability or ethical dimension - be that in relation to communications, policy and/or product development.

We strive to innovate within our world of research, whilst providing our clients with the knowledge and insight to innovate within their world.

Blue Marble presented data and results to the most senior levels of the organisation with professionalism, credibility and strategic focus and we were extremely satisfied with their performance. And they are a friendly and accommodating bunch - which also counts for a lot when the pressure is on.

Ian Watson, Head of Strategic Marketing , South West RDA